Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Titus and Knox

We celebrated two amazing boys last night, even though it was a few days past their birthdays.  I really prefer to celebrate birthdays on the actual day, but sometimes circumstances prevent that.  And, since Titus and Knox celebrate birthdays with only one day in between, I guess it's a good thing they LOVE celebrating together!  This year, Michael, Sarah, AND Abby were all gone on trips during the birthdays so we of course waited for their return to celebrate.  More on that in another post (coming soon).

The birthday boys
Titus's actual birthday...spent with the Cochrans 😍
Knox's actual birthday...spent with the Norwoods 😍
It was nice to have friends help pass the time while part of our family was gone!  Thanks for the help!😘

This little guy is an ornery mess!  He is SO MUCH FUN!  During each birthday, we go around the table and each person gives something about the birthday person that makes them thankful.  It's one of my favorite parts of a birthday celebration!  Sarah made a comment about Titus's big, blue eyes getting him out of trouble more often than not...I'm afraid it's more true than it should be! 😁

It is really hard to get Michael to stop joking around long enough for a picture!  😜 Don't tell him, but it's one of my favorite things about him... 😍

The boys got Titus a remote controlled, floating shark.  It was a hit!

Even Sarah was afraid of the crazy thing! 😂

The birthday boys again... I love how sweet they are with each other!

Knox's turn!  This little man is such a joy!  He has a super sweet, compassionate spirit about him and we thoroughly enjoy him!

Present time...

Brownies, turtle cookies, and homemade ice cream...

I needed help figuring out how to work the lighter... 😝

The birthday prayers...

We had such a good time celebrating these boys. We are grateful for God's goodness and blessing in our lives.  We've always taken seriously our commission and responsibility to our children, but since William's passing, it is all the more clear how short our time with them is.  I can't help but see glimpses of my sweet boy in the face of each of my children, but Knox sometimes takes my breath away. They look so much alike.  I sure do miss him.  It is hard to have celebrations without him, but then again, we have so much to celebrate...

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