Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching Up

What a long couple of months it's been. Well, I don't know if long is the right word...it's gone by so quickly! Michael is recovering from a hernia surgery...slow going, he's on another 2 months light duty. William is recovered from a bout of strep throat that zapped his energy completely. Several days in a row he did not have the strength to even hold up his head. Fortunately, this was during a scheduled vacation from therapies so we weren't traveling during these long days, but it also wiped out any fun and work we had scheduled. I am so glad he is feeling better, though! Saturday was his first day back to walking in his walker, though he is still only doing it for short amounts of time.

We've had some fun, though. We put the "Bounce Round" up in our living room. It's just been too hot to go outside. The children have had a blast! William was afraid of it at first, but by the 3rd day he was ready to get in on the fun!

The children always have a great time visiting my grandfather. Now that we are so much closer to him, it's easy to pop over for dinner or just a short visit!

William graduated up to a "big boy" bed! He loves it! Wallace thinks it's time for him to have one, too! Probably in the next week or so...the only reason we haven't moved him up already is because it nearly breaks my heart to watch them leave behind "all things baby."

We travel so much that we are often in public places looking for areas where we can do a vest therapy session. This picture is one of William's favorite places to do vest therapy. It's after PT and OMST in a spare room they have. He has the best time with that peanut ball! As you can see, he gets even more PT during his session and initiates his own stands! Fun, fun! Speaking of therapy, semi-good news on the Vest - I talked to our representative at Hill-Rom. They are working with us through the appeal process. They said it's not all that uncommon for insurance to deny on the first go around. We'll see what happens...
We're also looking into a couple of other therapies for William. There is a neat aquatic center here that offers water therapy for handicapped children. With William's new Nucleus 5 processors, this is actually a possibility for him now. Also, we live fairly close to a theraputic riding center, so we are applying for HippoTherapy (horse riding). All of the research I've done on it says that it really helps with stability and control, gait, and balance - all of which William needs. I've read testimonials of other children who weren't walking, but started after just a few semesters of HippoTherapy. Their patient number is extremely limited and there is a waiting list, but they evaluate the need to determine placement. We'll see...

"Wilt thou trust him, because his strength is great? or wilt thou leave thy labor to him?" Job 39:11