Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, we've made it to 2013! I was beginning to wonder there for a little bit... :)

William is doing great!  After fighting with his insurance for more than a year over the KidWalk, we were blessed with a donation of this "rabbit" from my sister.  He LOVES it!  It enables him to have some freedom and independence to go where he wants, when he wants.  However, he's still somewhat limited since he must use his hands to move it.  He bumps into A LOT!  But, the good news is...just before the end of the year, BCBS finally approved the KidWalk!  I'll get a picture of it up soon.  William is ecstatic! And you should see him get around in it!  Now...on to training with the blind cane...

2012 RECAP
Last year was so busy for us! January was the only month that did not hold a major event.  I am thankful that William was not sick a great deal last year, as that might have put me over the edge!  One hospital illness in 2012!  Woo-hoo!  However, since both Michael and my grandfather had strokes that landed me at the hospital a lot, I don't think I had time to reflect on it until recently!  Knox also had an ambulance trip to the ER when he had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, seizured, and quit breathing!  Scared me to death!
We spent 3 months caring for my grandfather through Dementia after his stroke.  I was amazed at how quickly his health failed!  It was hard to watch him waste away like that, but what a blessing to be able to care for him in his last days!  I am thankful that we chose to move up here to be by him.  He went to his final home in June.  We are still recovering from his death and miss him terribly!  The children, especially William, talk about him often.  It is amazing the little things that cause our minds to turn to the special memories created with Pappaw.
2012 wasn't all sad and hard!  My sister got married to a wonderful man...they are a very good match!  We were able to travel to her wedding and were very blessed to watch them exchange vows and begin their new life together!
We were able to take William to the neurodevelopmental specialist in Georgia and learned a lot.  He has been thriving intellectually since our return!  We've even seen some eyesight improvement!  We were able to get his first ever visual acuity.  Even though it was worse than we'd hoped, at least he could see enough to get one!
God spared us through a major fire that encompassed over 150,000 acres and destroyed 400 stopped in our front yard.  It burned the entire pasture, except a circle around the chicken coop (not one chicken was harmed) - fortunately the rest of the animals were safely off property.  The bees were saved, though their homes were burned on the bottom and they were quite unhappy for a week or so!  The fire burned all the back yard, except for the children's play area and equipment and in the front, it burned right up to the front steps!  There was no one at our house to save it, but after 3 days of raveging fire, God chose that moment to send wind from the opposite direction to blow it back on itself and rain, which successfully put it out.  What a great and mighty God we serve!  We have been so humbled by watching the hand of God in our lives, but are careful to remind the children that even had God destroyed our home, He would still be great and mighty and worthy of our praise!
Our 12th child was born in December!  She is such a beautiful and sweet blessing!  And, yes...the pregnancy was harder.  And, yes...the labor and delivery were harder.  And, has taken me much longer to recover than it did in my youth.  And, yes...we are open to as many blessings as God chooses to give us!  I am not sure why people tend to assume that when something gets difficult it should be given up?  She is worth everything my body went through and so much more!!!  And, no...I'm not afraid that my body will give out.  This is what God created my body to do and He is in control of it.  He will take me home in His time, not mine.

So much more to tell, but alas, my time has run out!  I'll try to be better about keeping updated!  :)
Many blessings to all of William's little buddies...I pray you ALL have a very blessed year and know the love of Christ like never before!!