Thursday, November 15, 2018

Coming Up...

Wow!  I'm only about 12 hours late in posting.  I'm sorry, I just don't have it in me to really post today.  I wasn't feeling well last night but on top of that, it's pretty safe to say that it's difficult to understand how hard even the "good days" really are.  I think I've developed an excellent poker face...

But I am working on the questions that were sent.  Actually, just one.  I think most people know the answers to typical questions about us.  Enough, anyway, not to do a blog post about it.  (But don't worry, I always answer things individually).

I did receive a question that intrigued me, though.  It was about my older girls.  So, stay tuned for that one after Thanksgiving.  I'll post the question in its entirety (minus the sender's name, as promised).

Thursday, November 8, 2018

All About Abby

Wow.  Birthdays are making me somewhat nostalgic this year.  And apprehensive.  Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful for them.  But I also miss the days when things were simple and my own little world was contained well within the walls of my home.

Of course, there's good and bad with most everything.  And just as I miss the days when this amazing woman was a girlish imp, I cherish these days of womanhood with her.  I am beyond proud of the woman she is.  I treasure our sweet friendship, she is easily one of my very best friends.  I appreciate so many things about her - she is fierce, loyal, independent, and determined, while at the same time she is gentle, soft, fragile, and submissive.

The coming year holds a lot of traveling for her and to say I am going to miss her terribly is such an understatement.  I know it's good for her to follow her dreams and I'm so very happy for her, but is it possible to have your heart swell with pride and be just a little bit broken at the same time?  But I do love to watch her soar...

She chose to go Extreme Go-Kart Racing for her birthday.  That's so Abby.😂

I really liked this video that she made, so I swiped it.  It's all about horses, of course.😘

But I also have proof that she cleans up well...😜

Happy birthday, my darling Abby.  I love you more than life!

Thursday, November 1, 2018


I do not have it in me to post something meaningful today.  I am thoroughly ill.  Yuck.

October is such a hard month.

I'm glad we take some time to intentionally come together and enjoy each other or I might just hole up in my bed and never come out.

Last week, a few of us made a super quick trip down to Orlando.  We had a good time, but Saturday I woke up sick and have been getting worse, it seems, ever since.

But there were some great things about the trip.  We went to watch our amazing veterinarian receive his award for 2018 International Veterinarian of the Year through PATH INT'L, the standards body for therapeutic riding centers, worldwide.  That was super exciting!

And we got to see one of our past instructors who has moved down there.  She's a dear friend and it's been too long!

Finally, we got to go to Gideon's Bakery, which is nothing short of amazing.  I will admit, I did not get why people would stand in line for a half hour (or more) simply to get a cookie, but this is one fantastic cookie.  I got the Pistachio Toffee Chocolate cookie and it was delicious!

Driving to/from Orlando, we saw these billboards...

That was a nickname we had for William because of his initials.  Our little Wahoo...  Knox is now in his clothes.  Time is just continuing on, as if my world was not crushed.

But at least I am able to see the good again.  I snapped these two photos this month of things that were really meaningful to me.
First, this man.  I know it's from behind and you probably can't tell much unless you know what's going on, but we were at church and his boys just wanted to be held through the singing.  I was headed out to help Sherrod with a blood sugar issue and I turned and saw this and it just melted my heart.  So very sweet.  I don't think there is anything in this world more attractive than a man who so  completely loves his woman and children. 😍

And I snapped this sweet picture of the boys waiting for family worship the other night.  A couple of them are reading books to each other and Wallace is helping Andrew get to a specific point in the little New Testament he has.  I love it when they are sweet and helpful to each other!
I wish there was some way that they could all remember William.  😢

If anyone needs me today, I'll be buried under my covers...

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Well, I'm definitely late in posting!  That's a good thing, though.  I SLEPT last night.  AND VERY SOUNDLY!

We had a great time camping at Natural Falls last week!  It was a much-needed break from reality.

We are definitely a "camping" type family.  Well, with the exception of poor Sarah.  But she tolerates it well...

The girls picked a site right by the park, which was super nice.

They didn't have the net up yet, but that didn't stop our crew from volleying around a little.

Dominoes was the choice game of this trip.

We found out that Andrew is quite the hiker.  His key phrase of the week was, "I GOT IT!"  He did NOT want my help.  😂

Remember this observation deck...😜

We had a great time around the fire.  Abby is definitely a champion marshmallow roaster.

Breakfast was interesting.  Michael cooked over the camp grill while Abby handled the items over the open fire, Sydnee had the camp stove, and Sherrod put things together for everyone.  Where was Sarah, one might ask?  Well, um, ahem, she spent her mornings "getting ready for the day."  And don't think for one second that everyone didn't give her a hard time about it.  😂 She's so good-natured...😍

Remember the observation deck? Well, Sarah refused to stand on it when everyone else was on it (for those who don't know she has a fierce fear of heights...).  Later, she went back to it, alone, to try to get a great picture of the falls.  I stood just off to the side of it and snapped this shot, but as soon as I ventured out onto the deck, she was done and off she came!  You notice, she wouldn't go all the way out, right? 😜

And, just for fun, who can resist this ornery face?  This little boy...oh, my heart.  I love to listen to him pray!  The other night he was praying, "...and Cannon not get better, even we take him to doctor, but he died and I miss him..."  Yep, I'm pretty much wrapped around his little finger!

And this  I am incredibly blessed.  Especially as my girls get older, my hope, prayer, and desire for them is to find a man who is like their own father in godliness, devotion, loyalty, and character.  But he IS one in a million...😍

We stayed out of the rain by heading over to a hotel for one night and playing at Incredible Pizza.  We had so much fun!

At the trampoline park...

Playing games...

Riding rides...

Laser tag...

No picture, but Calvin got his first strike! Sherrod did, however, get this fun video of him getting close...

Go karts...

Bumper cars...

Miniature golf (a first for the littles)...

We had a great time, but we might be slightly tired...😋 And there's no slowing down until the new year! 😁