Thursday, August 10, 2017


Sarah and Abby were gone at the same time recently on 2 completely different trips, doing things they totally love.  Abby went with Michael on her 21st birthday trip to watch the wild Mustangs at the Sand Wash Basin.  She tells about her trip here.  Sarah went to Austin, Texas, to learn about all things political at Patriot Academy.  She tells about her trip here.

These 2 girls.  Wow!  They are both so much fun, yet they are entirely different.  They both have great personalities, which are polar opposites.

Before their trips, I needed to take them shopping for miscellaneous items.  They each "needed" one thing.  I gave Abby 3 stores to choose from, she picked the 1st one we came to, walked in, swept through the store, chose 3 items to try on, and settled on one.  I asked her if she wanted to look at the other stores, just in case she liked something better.  Nope.  She liked those, they were a good price, we're done!  I think it took all of 8 minutes to find what she needed and be done.

Sarah.  Oh, Sarah!  😂  I think Sarah tried on every possible suitable shoe in the store in 4 different sizes before settling on the pair she liked.  We were there well over an hour.  As she's parading around in her 3-inch heels I said, "I wonder who ever came up with the idea of high heels?"  She replied, "I don't know, but they're a genius!"  LOL!  I retorted, "I was thinking he needs to be tarred and feathered!"  She ended up getting not one, but THREE pair of shoes that day.  (We actually went shopping again later and picked up MORE to match different clothes!)

Sarah is fun-loving, personable, goofy, and extremely outgoing.  Our social butterfly.  Abby is quiet, reserved, serious, and introverted.  Animals are more her speed.  Sarah gets excited (and LOUD) about nearly everything, while the most excited Abby gets is a smile across her face.  Everyone Sarah meets is a friend.  Abby is more of an "acquaintance" person.  Both amazing and two completely different ways.

Their 21st birthday trips reflect their personalities perfectly.  They both planned their own.  Sarah went to the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. last year.  And this year she had a great time at Patriot Academy, completely in her element!  She LOVED working the House floor and meeting lots (and LOTS) of new friends!

Abby has probably been planning her trip in her head for well over a year.  I think she knows every horse by name in the Basin.  There are around 700 of them!  She watches them closely and knows when a new stallion takes over, when anyone has a baby, when there's a change of any kind made to a band (family).  I loved watching Abby tell about her plans and watching the excitement grow in her!    She loved camping for 10 days and being out away from the "necessities" of civilization.  Definitely Abby!

I love how their trips were as unique as their personalities.  I also love how much they love each other, even though they're so different.  I find it interesting how 2 girls, only 13 months apart in age and raised by the same parents at the same time, are so vastly different in their personalities, likes, and talents.  I think it just shows how God loves variety and creates each person in such a unique way.  I am grateful that they embrace each other's differences and accept each other for who they are, looking for (and finding) what they love about each other.  They are both such grateful I am to be their mother! It's so good to have them back home!

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