Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cold is the Night

I realize this song is about losing a mate, but it still touched a nerve with me.  I find that one of the toughest emotions I fight is apathy.  It is hard to search for relief from the pain when there is none to be had.  I know I will always miss him.  Will I always feel so broken?


  • Cold is the night without you here
  • Just your absence ringing in my ears
  • Hard is the heart that feels no fear
  • Without the bad, the good disappears
  • Long is the road that leads me home
  • And longer still when I walk alone
  • Bitter is the thought of all that time
  • Spent searching for something I'll never find
  • Take this burden away from me
  • And bury it before it buries me
  • Many are the days I've wanted to cease
  • Lay myself down and find some relief
  • Heavy is the head that gets no sleep
  • We carry our lives around in our memories
  • Take away this apathy
  • And bury it before it buries me
  • Steady is the hand that's come to terms
  • With the lessons it has had to learn
  • I've seen the things that I must do
  • But Lord, this road is meant for two
  • So I am waiting here for you
  • Take my hand and set me free
  • Take my burdens and bury them deep
  • Take my burden away from me
  • And bury it before
  • Bury it before
  • Bury it before it buries me
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