Friday, April 8, 2016

Lord's Army

I was given a dream.  Beautiful and glorious and too magnificent to describe properly.

William always loved this song.  He loved to "watch" the Cedarmont Kids sing it.  He loved to act it out with his brothers and sisters.  He loved the idea of being a soldier and being strong.  He would often say that he was going to be strong when he grew up.  He wanted to be a police officer, like Officer Persaud, or a soldier.  He would talk about what it means to be in God's army and what would happen when Jesus comes back.

In my dream, there he was.  I'm not going to call it Biblical or accurate or a vision, but it was so sweet.  It was what it was...a beautiful dream.

William was, in fact, in God's army.  Not only a soldier, but a leader.  Strong and stately and absolutely...breathtaking.  He was riding a white horse and everything was kind of hazed over, like a fog or softness was over everything.  He was in a long, flowing white robe and looked regal.  He never spoke but he smiled at me.  His eyes were so tender, yet they gleamed of strength and wisdom. He rode toward me with a "knowing" in his face that was incredible.  I could hear this song playing quietly in the background, although it sounded much more majestic and the words were slightly different. There were no "I may never" words but instead it was "By His power" with more of a "I have conquered" tone. As he got closer to me, I felt such joy and peace like I have never known.  He reached out his hand to me...I'm not sure why, but I felt it was to help me, maybe to lift me onto his horse.  Right before our hands touched, I woke up.

I miss that beautiful boy.  I imagine he is now fully mature and ever so joyful in his new work for the Lord.

And now, I'm off to celebrate the day that God gave him to us...for just a little while.  Thank you, Lord, for the precious gift, that sweet soul that you loaned to us 9 years ago, now your soldier.

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