Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial struck me as similar to Arlington Cemetery - rows and rows of those who gave their lives for freedom. And similar to the Korean War Memorial it wasn't our freedom, it was someone else's. This one also struck a cord close to home as I have several family members and friends who served in Vietnam. Something that has always greatly disturbed me about the Vietnam War is how our soldiers were treated when they returned home. We should always be extremely grateful to those who are willing to die for freedom. We may not agree with the fact that they went to war or what they had to do while they were over there, but they still went because our country called them. They went through unimaginable things at war that you and I will never know. They are HEROES and they deserve our honor and respect.

The lights they use to light it up at night are very soft so I had some difficulty capturing it at night. The pictures really don't do it justice.

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