Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is an extremely large, beautiful white building. This is where our country's laws are made, or at least supposed to be made. Originally, it housed Congress and the Supreme Court until the Supreme Court got their own building. Unfortunately, our time here was cut short so we could get to the Holocaust Memorial Museum before it closed.

There were a lot of beautiful paintings from important times in our nation's history.

A replica of the statue on top of the Capitol

This is the very center of DC!

The old Supreme Court room (it's a lot smaller than the new one)

There are two or three of these statues from each state in the Capitol. They represent an extraordinary person who loved our country or did something historic for their state. Unfortunately, we didn't see any from Oklahoma, but I'm told they are Will Rodgers and Sequoyah.

Daddy and me

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