Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The White House

We started day 2 of our trip at the White House.
The White House is beautiful and full of history! I was so glad we got to see it!

The back entry way

We saw a lot of pictures of past presidents including: Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson.

Some of the china

"The Vermeil Room was once a billiard room.  This room contains a collection of European and American gilded silver objects from 1700-1950. Portraits of recent first ladies are displayed here."

"The Library contains over 2,700 books relating to American life. The Federal furnishings were made in New York from 1800-1820. The room is used for teas, meetings, and press interviews."

"The China Room contains a permanent display of tableware created in 1917 by First Lady Edith Wilson.  Every president has ordered state china, so both official and some family services are exhibited. The 1924 portrait of Grace Coolidge features her white collie, Rob Roy."

"The Green Room was used by Thomas Jefferson to host dinners and has been a parlor since James Madison's time. John & Abigail Adams' silver coffee urn and James & Dolley Madison's French candlesticks are located in this room. "

"The Blue Room is oval shaped and has long been a reception room. President James Monroe furnished the room in French type in 1817. The original objects include seven gilded chairs, the sofa and the clock on the mantel. Grover Cleveland, the only president to a have a White House wedding, married Francis Folson in here in 1886."

"The Red Room has been a parlor since the early 19th century.  It is often used by first ladies to receive guests. President Rutherford Hayes took the oath of office here in 1877. The furniture dates back to 1810-1830. The marble mantel has been in the White House since 1819."

"The State Dining Room's furnishings date back to the renovations made by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. As many as 140 people can be seated at dinner and luncheons. The portrait of Lincoln over the mantlepiece was painted in 1869."

"The Old Family Dining Room was where the presidents and their families took their meals prior to the creation of a new family dining room in the private quarters in 1961. The room is regularly used to host small official events."

You all know the story of Dolley Madison saving George Washington's portrait while the British burned the Capitol. Here it is!

Daddy and me


The president's seal


Beautiful piano

The view out the front door

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