Friday, September 16, 2016

Homeward Bound

You always see a lot of neat things when you're traveling. So this post is more for me, to help me remember.
Traveling to, around, and from DC was uneventful. Although, Daddy did keep setting off security alarms because he forgot to take coins, pens, his glasses, note pad, or something else out of his pockets! :)
Our flight left early, early in the morning, but we were ready to go!

The sunrise from the airplane window

The metro system is definitely the best way to travel in DC. It was a lot of fun too! The escalator to get off to go to the zoo was VERY long, so I had to get a picture.

A few of the neat buildings we saw

The Washington and Jefferson Memorials from the Potomac River

Daddy found a frozen yogurt place to have dinner at (yes, he's the best!)

There were a lot of beautiful cathedrals

This cathedral was on Teddy Roosevelt Island

There were also a lot of monuments, like this one to Gen. Sherman, and fountains. 

I love photographing wildlife and I've always wanted to photograph a bluejay.......I got my wish!

Ready to fly home!

Poor Daddy! I think I wore him out with all the walking!

On the flight back we could see a lot of the memorials, monuments and museums from the air. 

Back on our native soil! We had such a wonderful time but we were definitely ready to be home!

Just a few tips for traveling in DC:
1) Bring plenty of chocolate! This one is a must!
2) Most of the water fountains don't work, so bring your own water.
3) Water doesn't cut it. You'll need LOTS of Gatorade.
4) The cheapest and best place to eat is 7 Eleven (I'm not kidding). 
5) Wear good shoes!
6) Everyone is super nice and willing to help you, so if you're lost ask for directions (they're used to lots of people). 
7) If you visit the Capitol Building and the 3 Library of Congress buildings, there is an underground tunnel that connects the four...TAKE IT instead of using the street.
8) Take a small bag with only the items you NEED for that day. Don't try to carry a big, bulky, heavy bag.
9) The front metro cars are typically less full than the back cars.
10) Plan your trip out carefully before you go!

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