Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rally for Life

It is fun to watch the children grow up and come into their own.  Develop their own interests, apart from mine.  Become their own person.  I love it!  I love that my girls have become strong, confident women, firm in their own convictions and strong in mind and character.

These are things that are similar about them, but for every similarity there are a dozen differences.  While Sarah likes to ride horses with Abby, she's not the least bit interested in training.  And while Abby likes to be involved with political things, she's not what I would call a political activist.  Sarah, yes. :)

Sarah is taking a course on Constitutional Law.  She's very interested in all things political, spending time at the State Capitol, reading bills, talking to legislators, lobbying for things that she views as important.

This week there was a Pro-Life rally after the Governor vetoed a very important bill that had passed the House and Senate.  I love that I find out lots of my important, need to know information from my daughter! :)

Sarah and Abby spent Wednesday at the Capitol speaking with legislators.  The rest of us joined them late that afternoon for the prayer meeting.  Sarah is still making calls, writing letters and emails, trying to create a change.  I do not know what the future holds for this lady, but I have no doubt she will be a powerful force for change.  And with all the yuck I see in the political realm, that gives me reason to smile.

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