Monday, January 18, 2010

The Vest

The Vest is wonderful technology! We are so excited to have it for William! In two full days of use his lungs have cleared amazingly! Everytime I've listened to his lungs I have been astonished at the difference! We are very encouraged by William's new equipment and hopeful that it could mean no more hospital trips!

William sits nicely for his treatments. When he is well he will have two 20 minute treatments daily, but when he is having trouble clearing his lungs (like now) he'll have treatments each time he nebulizes (right now it's every 4 hours, daytime). He likes to read or sing - I think he really likes to hear his own voice vibrate! Sometimes he'll sit and say, "AHHHHHHHHH.....," but when someone gets the camera out, he stops.

We did catch these two videos. In this one, Abby is nebulizing him while Sarah sings with him:

In this one, Selah is helping with the nebulizer while I read to him:

I love how he "roars" for the lion! He is really listening and processing things well and his speech is even coming along!

For the LORD gives wisdom: out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6


  1. I've never seen a vest like that, but it definitely seems to do the job! What a blessing to have his lungs clear! Your family is so amazing- look at how caring and sweet your girls are! William's lion roar is just precious.

  2. Arizona ConnectionJanuary 21, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    Very interesting to actually see the equipment that helps William. The "vest" is amazing.
    Plus he is such a sweet gentleman about doing what he must (what is required of him). Great news about the clearing of Williams lungs since the arrival of the vest!
    Thank you for the up date,
    God Bless


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