Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slight Change

I don't know if William will be coming home today or not. The doctor last night felt it was fine, but the doctor this morning wants to run a CT scan to get a better look at William's lungs before he decides whether to discharge him. I'll keep posting...
By the way, William is looking and sounding much better today!

"Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the LORD: He is their help and their shield." Psalm 115:11


  1. I pray that the CT scan is clear so you can come home! I am sure everyone will be much more comfortable at home. The pictures of William building a "mountain" out of the cushions warms my heart- you know they are feeling better when they want to climb and play!

  2. We are praying for little William...and all of you. I'm sure you are anxious for him to be both healthy and all together at home!
    BTW, in that picture, William looks SO like Selah! I've never thought that before.
    Much love,


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