Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tiger Safari

On the anniversary of Willliam's death our family decided to do something fun together. We went to Tiger Safari! It's very similar to a zoo but you can get closer to the animals and interact with some of them. We were the only ones there and had a wonderful, relaxing time.

We were greeted by the parrots, who had a great time showing off for us.

We had fun feeding the deer!

Titus and Adelina enjoyed riding the dinosaur in the gift shop.

The keeper woke up the kinkajou for us. Isn't he cute?!

Wallace is so good with Titus and enjoyed helping him around the park.

They have a fairly large monitor in the reptile house!

The big cats were not sure what to make of Maya. A couple of them stalked her!

The kids also enjoyed feeding the monkeys and lemurs.

Maya made a friend!

Break time!

Our family actually visited Tiger Safari 11 years ago and we were happy to see that Koda, the bear, was still there!

The otter was so cute and friendly! Who could resist shaking his hand when he stuck his paw through the fence?! Sydnee says she wants a pet otter now! :)

Knox and Adelina watching the kangaroo

The emus were so funny! One of them actually got Sydnee's phone when she was trying to take his picture!

There are lots of big cats there, but I've saved my favorite for last......the white tigers!

The kids got to see some tiger behavior.

To prove I was there! :)

After we left Tiger Safari we went to a specialty doughnut shop. Their doughnuts are so good!

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  1. I remember going with your family 11 years ago to tiger safari with the MYHELP group.


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