Friday, October 21, 2016


I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you.  We have been so very blessed during this time of profound grieving.  God has been so good to us and I never want to lose sight of that, even when the hurt seems overwhelming.  I am tempted to list you all by name, but I am afraid I will miss someone.  But for all the special memories shared about William, meals, flowers, care packages, thoughtful notes and emails, prayers, texts, and sweet words...thank you.  From the depth of my soul, thank you.  In the midst of deep, deep darkness, you have a been a soft light.  In short, thank you all for just being here for us.

We have been blessed to have friends who are used to bearing one another's burdens, but I have never felt it so keenly as I have this past year.  Even as we've retreated, your love has abounded.  Thank you.

If you know someone who is grieving and you don't know how to be a comfort, this little toolbox might be helpful:

Disclaimer on #9: I don't know how true this is.  I actually feel a little crazy.  :)  With all the forgetfulness, mind fog, emotional roller coasters...I'm not 100% sure that this one is accurate.

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