Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Birthdays

The children are on a "share my birthday" kick.  I've always been a stickler for making a child's birthday their "special day," but I also like to do things they way they want them.  Especially on their birthday.  So, I'm giving in.  And we're combining birthdays with one big party.

December held 3 birthdays: Calvin, Adelina, and Selah.  It amazes me how big they are.  There goes that funny thing called TIME again...
Calvin - 6
Adelina - 3

Selah - 10
We had a really fun time!  We've been trying to do things a little differently.  For this group birthday, we set up gift time like a game.  One person would give a single gift bag to all three of the children and they got to pull out a gift (without looking) and determine if it was the right gift or not.

When it was Knox's turn to give his gifts, Calvin got to pull one out first.  He pulled out a stuffed Minnie in a pink dress and he immediately started laughing.  Adelina gasped and said, "OH! Minnie!!!"  Then it was her turn and she pulled out another gift without ever taking her eyes off the Minnie.  It was a pink cap gun.  On Selah's turn, she pulled out an army/tank Lego set.  Everyone was laughing except Adelina, who was still eyeballing that Minnie and not sure she was going to end up with it!  I said, "Did you guys end up with the right gifts?"  They all said, "Nooooooo...," and started to trade, with Adelina practically throwing the gun away to go for Minnie!  We were all laughing hysterically!

I'm glad she was so enthusiastic about her gift.  Knox was determined on what he wanted to get her and ONLY that particular one would do!

It's nice to be laughing together, even if it is tinged with sadness.  We all miss him so much...

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  1. Oh my, there are a few pictures that are just soooo cute they make me squeal! Oh, hugs to you all!


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