Monday, December 15, 2014

Respiratory Therapy

William's home therapy station...
Suction machine (top left)
Nebulizer (top right)
Cough Assist (bottom left)
Vest Airway Clearance (bottom right)

He's been back to 4x daily for all 4 machines since he left the hospital.  He goes in for a recheck today.  I think he's sounding pretty good.  He's still really weak, though.  He isn't really crawling around much, but prefers to be carried.  Sometimes he wants to walk but it's usually about 20 steps or so, then he's spent.  I don't really know how much to push him and I'm kind of waiting until he gets the all-clear to push too hard.

As a side note...William really likes his hair to be cut short (he especially wants it to be cut like his friend, Christian's).  He was after me at the hospital about it being too long, as he really needed a haircut before he was admitted and 3 weeks later he was looking a little grizzly. :) Anyway, the day he got home I cut his hair.  He doesn't typically like for me to cut it because my clippers vibrate too much and I take too long.  :) However, since he's homebound, I told him he couldn't go to the salon for a haircut, so he tolerated mine.  I cut his hair while he was lying down.  Now, what hairstylist would do that? Well, as you can tell, there's a s slight diagonal to the front of his hair, but he was done and I didn't push it.  Unfortunately, the OCD part of me is really struggling with this...

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