Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home Bound

William asks me everyday when he gets to go somewhere.  When he gets to see his friends.  When he gets to see his friend, Matthew.  When he gets to ride his horse.  But he's still pretty weak.  His doctor appointment Monday went well, but it was like a covert operation.  I left him in the car with Sherrod while I went to the receptionist's window to check him in.  She opened the back door so he wouldn't have to wait in the waiting room, but go straight in to a room.  We washed and sanitized and got all OCD about cleanliness and germs.  Yet, this morning he awoke with a cough.  Ugh.  Two weeks until we go for his X-ray.  I think we'll all be a little stir crazy by then.  We aren't allowing any of the younger children (10 and down) to go anywhere.  The adults are all careful about where they go, except Michael, who has to work, but he's fanatical about cleanliness and changing his clothes.  We've not been allowing visitors over, either (that's a real bummer).  We are praying he gets the all-clear in 2 weeks.  Two more Sundays.  12 days.  I miss date nights with my husband (yes, even that's gone by the wayside for now)!  I miss our Church fellowship.  I miss the fellowship of our homeschool group.  I kind of feel like I live in a cave, but it's all worth it for a healthy boy!

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