Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation Day 8

Day 8  - Traveling. Traveling can be quite the adventure in the Ocker household, as we learned. We traveled through 6 states and saw some neat sites along the way.

My traveling buddy

The kids in the car

A little lighthouse in the middle of the Mississippi River

Three Rivers Stadium where the Cincinnati Reds play

This is apparently quite a fascination in Kentucky as we saw quite a few

We saw a lot of neat bridges

A neat steamboat

A cute little town

Now for the adventurous part…we ended up with two flat tires in our trailer on the way home! The first one was, as it was getting dark in Indiana in the middle of nowhere. When the tire blew, it was so powerful, it even pulled the fender right off the trailer! Providentially we were able to get it changed quickly with the spare.

The second one was in Missouri. This time we were near a truck stop and we were able to park the trailer while we went to Walmart to get new tires. 

The boys and Sherrod enjoyed helping Daddy change the tire. He took the time to make it a learning opportunity for everyone!

We all enjoyed a much needed leg stretch

All in all in was a wonderful and much needed trip that we won't forget!

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