Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation Day 7

Day 7 – We actually spent 2 days at the Creation Museum. The second was spent outside in the beautiful gardens, petting zoo, zip lining and on the ropes course.

Us kids in the garden

Beautiful gardens call for a photo shoot of Mommy & Daddy

Mommy thought since I am usually behind the camera I needed a picture taken

Daddy & I having fun in the garden

The group gearing up for the ropes course

Abby, Sydnee & Sherrod did the adult course. The highest point is 40’ off the ground!

Daddy & Mommy took Elly, Selah, Wallace, Calvin and Knox on the child course. The highest point is 10’ off the ground.

I stayed on the ground with Adelina, Titus and Andrew. We went to the petting zoo and turtle tank.

They had a Zonkey (zebra/donkey cross) & Zorse (zebra/horse cross) 

Zip lining

Mommy & I sat with the younger children in the gazebo while they were zip lining

After they finished zip lining we all went to the petting zoo. We all enjoyed petting Skippy, the wallaby.

The boys and Sydnee also enjoyed petting the bearded dragon

Feeding the animals

Everyone enjoyed petting the camel

I was trying to get a picture with CJ and I ended up getting goosed by him instead! Mommy did an excellent job capturing my reaction.

We did manage to get a good picture

Sydnee enjoyed giving CJ kisses

This is the plan for expanding the Ark Encounter. We’re definitely going to have to go back!

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