Monday, February 23, 2009

Sick Day

(This picture is from a great weather day last week)
Isn't that just the sweetest face!!!!

Well, it seems the proverbial snowball is rolling again! Saturday night William had a slight runny nose, but we really felt he was just having some sinus issues. We took him to church and everything seemed fine. However, he missed his nap and that's when the snowball seemed to start.
As you know, he used to lose control of his neck/head when he was tired and now he does it pretty consistently. Something about being tired seems to get to him. On the way home yesterday he was as white as a sheet and his cheeks were flaming red, yet he had no fever. He has done this before and we've kind of chalked it up to being tired, as that's when it seems to happen. But last night was a little different. He completely zoned out. He was staring into space and it seemed like he just wasn't there. Nothing we did made him snap out of it. It was like he didn't even see us or hear us. We were in the middle of nowhere on the way home (the long stretch where there's no place to stop for like an hour and a half), so we couldn't even go to the ER. I was pretty much freaking out and Mike said, "Why don't you start praying." He also got the girls praying and almost immediately William pulled out of it, then went to sleep. He slept peacefully until we got home. He was having some trouble breathing when he woke up, so we gave him a breathing treatment. The snowball continues... In the middle of the treatment, the nebulizer made a strange sound and quit working!!! There's some kind of rattling sound in the motor now. He was able to sleep semi-well last night, but had breathing issues off and on. This morning he was having such a hard time breathing, he almost sounded like he was going under water, then coming up for air, down, up, and so on. He's very gurgly sounding. I cancelled therapy and called Dr. Ross first thing this morning to get a new nebulizer. I'm waiting for a call back to go get another one and pray that he will not get too sick before I can get him another breathing treatment.
The snowball is still rolling... Sarah and Sydnee are still in bed, not feeling well with congestion. Sherrod, Elly, and Selah are also congested. That leaves Abby and Wallace on the "well" list. I really hope Wallace doesn't pick up anything.

On a positive note...
We received a few test results in the mail this week. So far everything has come back normal. Of course with every normal test result there is a certain amount of relief (and fear). I just wonder what else is coming. Everytime a new symptom develops it just confirms that there is definitely something wrong and I wonder how much worse it will get. I'm also a little bummed because we found out we have to wait nearly 3 months to get in to see the pediatric neuro ophthalmologist for his eyes. On the one hand, this is good, because the CT scan didn't show anything of concern. On the other hand, it's bad, because his eyes seem to be getting worse. They are not consistently worse, though, so I'm hoping that is good. Some days they hardly shake at all and other days they shake so hard, I wonder that he can see at all! He's also developed a bit of a discharge from his eyes over the last couple of weeks and I wonder what that's all about.

I find myself mellowing on discipline. Things that once seemed important just don't anymore. For example, right now William is methodically removing each and every one of our Vision Forum conference DVDs and CD sets from the bookcase and tossing them in the floor, then putting them back upside down, backwards, and on different shelves. It just doesn't seem like a big deal. For those of you who know what a stickler I am and how I like the bookcases to be, you also know the significance of this change in attitude. It just warms my heart to see him enjoying himself. How strange is that?

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12


  1. Yes, that is the sweetest face! And your reaction to William rearranging the bookcase is a perfect example of a Mother's love. I am sure William was very pleased with himself. After all, he was doing what the "big" people do, even if it was not perfect. Sunny was very ill for many years and 25 plus years ago Phoenix was not very sophisticated. I had to take her to many doctors before I found a doctor that would listen to me. You are fortunate that you have excellent doctors for William but I can sympathize with your concern for the "unknown".
    Sunny & William's conditions are not the same. But Sunny had repeated pneumonia, strep throat, sinus infections, ear aches. This is a blog and do not want to take up too much time but the time Sunny had dehydration scared me the most. I had not "seen" it before. We ended up in emergency. Her symptons were not that different than William's on your ride back from church. This can occure in infants and young children when they have other issues. I am not trying to diagnose William nor interve but there is a website to Mayo Clinic you may find useful.
    Hopefully the "snowball" has stopped. And William is a beautiful child.
    Jill Andrews
    (and a Mom too)

  2. Thanks, Jill. We appreciate your constant prayers and support. We also appreciate any help or research tips from others. I know I certainly do not "know it all."
    We have some testing that is at the Mayo Clinic, but I have not checked out their website. I never even thought of them until his doctor mentioned them last Thursday. I will definitely check them out.

  3. Hi! I got your question about gardening on my blog,
    Yes, I really do garden! Those are my flowers in the picture. We are moving and just sold our house. Packers have packed everything up. Next week we drive up. Right now we are staying with my parents (my mom gardens too) and they have dial up so things are slow here. I will changed from gardening in Texas to gardening in Virginia.

    I'm praying for your little one!

  4. The unknown...I despise it, but I love the ONE that knows it, the unknown that is. We have to make a formula and it is not always easy to "work" it in our minds but if we can "work" it in our hearts then the answer is sure,
    unknown + trust = rest, confidence, thy will be done. I can feel with you as you walk through this. Praying with you!!
    Cindy Morris

  5. What a wonderful little boy!!! It is amazing what it takes sometimes for our priorities to be where the need to be. God is working miracles through William!

    Keep the SON shining,
    Patty Mills

  6. Hello! I thank you for stopping by our blog and praying for our sweet Mercy. I added your William to my prayers and onto my blog reader.

    I am new to his blog, and don't know what you have done, but it sounded a little like a petit mal seizure. Have you ever tested for them? One of my sons had seizures, and although they didn't last as long as Williams stuff did, he blanked out like that, so I thought I would mention it. I know that everything can help. I also know that giving advice when you already have tried it is not cool, so ignore it if you have tested for that already.

    I'll be praying, please keep the blog posted.


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