Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Appointment

Well, we didn't learn much from today's appointment with the hematologist/oncologist. He does have a few things in mind, but wants to look at the results from the blood draw last week to see if that changes his direction for future blood work. He is also wanting to draw some bone marrow while William is already sedated for the CT scan next week.

Our battery died on the camera so we were unable to get a picture with Dr. Kirkpatrick, much to his disappointment, I know (ha,ha). He assured us that we would be seeing him again (nice man, but not really what we wanted to hear).

The weather was so nice when we got home that everyone enjoyed playing outside for awhile. Now I hear tornadoes might be moving in! Go figure!

William got the "safety patrol" sticker at the oncologist's office. He was so proud of it and did not want me to take it off for his nap. I had to, but I saved it for him so he can have it back when he wakes up!

"For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace..." Isaiah 55:12a


  1. Hi guys, Mike, I received your email today with Williams update and link to his blog. This blog is awesome. It's neat to see the girls too. Tell everyone hello and we'll keep Sir William in our prayers..

    Randy, Annette, Logan and Kaitlin Pritchett

  2. Hi William-- that is a pretty neat sticker. I can see why you didn't want to take it off.


    Aunt Sunny

  3. More tests scheduled for this week too. Sounds like they could be "big ones". How is William feeling? As mentioned before-the CT scan is performed with out issues regarding the inplants.
    How long will the CT scan take and how long acting is the sedation? Your family are in my prayers, especially William. One day at a time is
    all we can do. In Williams pic's he seems to be ready to learn everything you can present him. Yes, things are new and different but I am sure he is loving hearing the voices of those who love him so very much. I will continue to visit William's blog and I do appreciate your up dates.
    Jill Andrews-Living in the Dersert


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