Thursday, December 1, 2016

William's Ru

This week we celebrated Andrew's first birthday.  I have truly done a poor job with birthdays over the last 13 months.  I simply have a hard time pressing forward, doing old routines.

But I am glad when I do.  This little boy is such a blessing!  He's so sweet and fun (and mischievous)!  I cannot help but think of how much William looked forward to meeting him...counting the days, curious about his growth, what his name would be, what he would be like, wanting to hold him.  He so wanted Andrew's name to be Winneveria (from Pendragon) for a girl or Rupert "Ru" (from Millie Keith) for a boy!  It makes me laugh to remember our conversation assuring him that, under no circumstances would I be naming a child Winneveria!  LOL!  I'm sure that our Ru is very happy about that!  :)

It makes me incredibly sad that Andrew will never know William.  That William did not get the opportunity to meet hold him.  That I must be content to share only the memories...

But the memories come so easily.  With every mischievous grin, tender hug, wrinkled nose, sweet kiss, concerned pat, scrunched up face, contagious laugh...I think of William and how he did the same things.

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