Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday, Selah!

We celebrated Selah's birthday last night!  I know, I know...December is kind of crazy for us.  With Calvin on the 8th, Adelina on the 15th, and Selah on the 20th, they kind of run together for a bit!

We had a blast!  Michael is always the life of any party and is quick to be a jokester.  He is such a mess!  The children were giving him a hard time...
 And he gave Selah a cow kiss!  Ugh!
Poor Selah! (Although he looks pretty proud of himself!)

Titus is such an affectionate boy!  He sure does love his sisters! (Okay, brothers, too!)
He was so happy to give Selah her gift...a wooden pencil shaped like a horse.  I just knew he was going to spoil the surprise, but fortunately it can still be kind of hard to understand him at times!  :)
Poor Titus...he was convinced that the horse was actually his and I wasn't sure he was going to give it up!  But he did (and soon forgot all about it)!

The hit of the night came with Sydnee's present for Selah.  She knew Selah was going to love it, so when Selah pulled the paper out of the bag, Sydnee quickly shoved it back in and said, "Wait!  Oh, okay, never mind..." (Think the jokester bit runs in their veins?)
Yay!  The new Baker series book, Iceland Intrigue!
Thank you, Sydnee!  After the book was revealed, I asked who was going to read it first and of course Selah said it would be her.  Sarah said, "Well, I already read it! I'm the one who went to pick it up!" That caused an uproar and the girls started giving her a hard time until she relented that she was only kidding.  However, Sherrod stayed up for a couple of hours last night and ended up reading half the book!  Selah is already a good 1/4 of the way through!  Those girls... :)

Selah is such a joy in our home.  Truly, one of my favorite parts of birthdays is where we go around the dinner table and tell why we are thankful for the birthday person.  I love hearing all of the wonderful things the siblings have to say about each other!  It was so sweet to hear how everyone appreciates Selah's selflessness, her generosity, kind heart, helpfulness, and joy.  She is such a blessing!  Happy birthday, dear one!

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