Thursday, December 29, 2016

Incredible Pizza

Our family enjoyed a "Family Fun Day" at Incredible Pizza earlier this week! Everyone enjoyed go-carts, laser tag, bumper cars, XD theater, and the trampoline park!
They had a little kid area that Adelina, Titus, and Andrew enjoyed playing in.

There's a funny story with the go-carts. As many of you know, I am often mistaken for much younger than I really am. Calvin had to ride with me because he wasn't tall enough to ride by himself. The following happened:
Me: He'll be riding with me.
Attendant (doubtfully): Are you 18?
Me: I'm 21.
Attendant (shocked look then doubtful again): When is your birthday?
Me: Spouts off my birthday, then asks if he needs to see my license.
Attendant: Yes
That is the first time anyone has ever said yes after I asked if they need to see my license! :) I showed it to him and he let Calvin ride with me.

The cheering squad

Bumper cars! Daddy had a little too much fun with this!

Everyone had a blast on the trampoline park! They even had an area where you could play dodgeball on the trampolines. This got a little carried away and Daddy & Mommy were very sore the next day. :)

Sherrod, Andrew, and I did not jump but sat with Maya instead. She did so good the entire day!

The spinning tea cups were so much fun! Knox was so excited that he could do it by himself!

The XD theater ended up being a big hit with the big and little kids so we did it 3 times!

This was supposed to be a funny picture of Sydnee and I looking scared in front of the dinosaur XD theater ride poster, but it turned into me looking scared with her pretending to dump root beer on my head! LOL!

The kids enjoyed riding the cars

This was such a fun trip and we enjoyed being able to get away for a day together!

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