Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Life I Didn't Choose

Isn't it interesting how some things in life make you instant friends?  Some things create a bond that will not be broken.  The passing of a child is one of those things.  As I find myself in new territory, unknown territory, UNWELCOME and UNWANTED territory, I also find solace in new friendships with those who have already been walking this journey.  Encouragement that they ARE actually making it, day by day.  The grief hasn't actually overwhelmed them, as it so often threatens to do.  And, yes, God IS faithful to His promises.  I particularly find comfort in my new friend, Melanie's, blog...The Life I Didn't Choose.    She talks about her grieving process in exactly the same words that I feel.  This morning she was talking about handling the holidays and this excerpt from her blog COMPLETELY sums up what I feel...

"And please, please, please, don't look for the moment or day or year when I will be "back to my old self."  My old self was buried with my son.  I am still "me" - but a different me than I would have chosen... But because I trust in the finished work of Christ, I know that one day my heart will be completely healed."

Thanks, Melanie, for being able to put it into words.

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