Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The second day we went to Universal, our main goal was to see if we could run into Curious George and to ride the Minion ride.  We accomplished both!

Curious George was a lot of fun and God really blessed us because since we were again late in the day getting to the park, one park closed at 5pm and the other at 7pm, when we got to Curious George the Guest Services Rep was just about to head him in for the day.  But she let us meet him and closed the line right behind us.  Whew!  Big sigh of relief!  The little ones LOVED Curious George, but they weren't too sure what to think of Woody Woodpecker...no one knew who he was!  I did some fast explaining and told them I would let them watch an old Woody Woodpecker cartoon someday (which hasn't happened yet) and they decided he was okay.  Poor Woody, when Wallace went to give him a hug, he let his legs drop and hung on!  LOL!  I had to put a quick stop to it...I thought Wallace was going to pull him over!  But he was a good sport about it!

We didn't even dream of meeting Minions, but everyone thought they were very cute and it was fun!  We actually ended up meeting them twice!  The first time it was a single minion, Bob, and we didn't have our camera with us... ugh! Ill-prepared!  The second time we met twins, Kevin and Tim.  The minions are so funny!

We had such a good time playing in Fievel's playground!  It may have been the best part of our trip to Universal, outside of the Superheroes!  The children all loved the waterslide and I really loved having an area where littles and bigs could play easily together.  There was so much for them to do there! Also, surprisingly, it was not crowded at all!

The Jurassic area was beautiful!  They have a Jurassic Park Discovery Center that's designed somewhat like the museum.  We went into the upper level, but the lower level was closed, though we could still see a lot from upstairs.  It was pretty interesting and we enjoyed our time there.  Michael and I stayed there with the children who did not want to get wet while the other children rode some Jurassic water ride to get soaked!  It was a nice break!

Suess Landing was a cute place!  The children had fun on several rides there.  Sarah and Abby got Thing 1 and Thing 2 keychains!  I picked up a nightgown that says, "The Mother of All Things."  Hahaha!

We really enjoyed Universal!  A funny side story...when we first found out we would be getting tickets to Universal, we tried to turn them down.  We didn't think it would be a park we would enjoy and really thought it was completely geared toward older children.  We weren't planning to go and didn't want Make a Wish to waste money on something we wouldn't use.  But the tickets are donated so as we were planning our trip, we looked up some things online.  We picked specific things we wanted to see and do and decided to go anyway.  Even though we only spent a few hours there each day, it was very much worth it and we thoroughly enjoyed our time!  We met a lot of people who made over our Thing shirts and the children all loved wearing them!  I'm glad I found them on Etsy.  That made things fun, too!

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