Friday, June 5, 2015

The Superheroes

Yesterday I said two more posts, but as I was looking at it, I decided that Universal really needs two posts of it's own, since it's technically divided into two parks.  Today I'm posting about Islands of Adventure.  We actually went to both parks both days that we went to Universal, but we had different goals each time.  The first day, we went late in the afternoon, after the day had cooled.  Unfortunately, the park closed at 6pm, so we only ended up with a couple of hours, but it was ample time and we had a blast!  Our only goal this day was to meet Captain America.  This is where I became extremely impressed with Universal.  When we arrived at 3:50p and found out how early the park closed, I went straight to Guest Services to find out the best way to meet Captain America.  She told me he had done all of his meet and greets for the day, but if we headed over, we might be able to catch his last motorcade.  She told us where to stand and said he might see us and say hello as he walked by, maybe even snap a picture.

The boys loved watching the motorcade!  And she was right about the place to stand!  Captain America walked right up to us and started talking to the boys and took pictures with us!  He even complimented Wallace on his suit and gave him some pointers on holding his shield!  He shook Wallace's hand before he left and that boy was on cloud 9!

We could've ended our trip to Universal there and been 100% content, but the Guest Services Representative who was in charge of getting the superheroes out of there in a timely manner walked over to us and asked if we were on a wish trip.  She commented on the boys' costumes and asked if they would like to meet all the superheroes.  She told us to come back in an hour and she'd meet us for a special surprise.

They took us to a private area and brought all the superheroes in!  They were all so nice!  They made over William and asked him questions and explained what different things were as he touched them - like Cyclop's eye shield, Wolverine's knives, and Spiderman gave a full commentary about his big muscles! LOL!  They were so very kind and really went above and beyond!

Knox was so adorable!  He really liked Wolverine!  After we left, he said, "If I had known about Wolverine, that's who I would've picked for my costume!" I had no idea!  They really only picked from what they've seen in the Target toy aisle anyway and I've seen Wolverine, but I guess that toy didn't stand out to him!  :)  The funny thing was, Wolverine was completely enthralled with Knox!  He spent most of his time with him, talking to him, playing with him.  He was pretending like Knox's hammer was so heavy he couldn't pick it up, but only Knox was strong enough to get it.  Knox had no idea what he was referencing, but thought it was pretty funny anyway!  Wolverine had a very tender heart and was interested in what was going on with William and was deeply moved that William doesn't see.  It was very touching.

I felt somewhat bad that, as I introduced each superhero to the children, I didn't know who they all were.  But they didn't act like it phased them at all!  They just stated who they were and a little bit about their was a lot of fun!

Our favorite ride this day was the Storm Force Accelatron.  The children really enjoyed the rides they could all ride together.  Well, everyone except Titus and me! :)

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