Monday, June 1, 2015

Lady Lewellen

Although Lady Lewellen was at Magic Kingdom, she deserves her own post.  She was so funny!  We met her just after we had come out of Princess Fairytale Hall (Cinderella/Rapunzel and Anna/Elsa).  We were walking through the gift shop on our way to Prince Charming's Royal Carousel when she came out of nowhere and stopped us.  In character with her British accent, she made over our family and, "Oh! How precious! We MUST have a picture!"  She asked me if this was everyone and I said, "I don't know.  Sound off."  The children started their sound off... Sarah, "One."  Abby, "Two."  Sydnee, "Three."  Sherrod, "Four." And so on, all the way down to Adelina, "Eleven." Of course, Sarah says twelve for Titus (he's not quite on board yet). :)  Lady Lewellen was astounded!  So much so, she lost her accent when she said, "Oh my! That was awesome! I mean (back to the accent) that was incredible!" Then she called a co-worker over and said, "You HAVE to see this.  Do it again! Do it again!"  The children complied.  She called another co-worker over and had them do it again.  And again.  They were such good sports about it and everyone did it for her every time they were asked!  They all thought it was so funny that she thought it was so amazing!  It was definitely a funny, memorable part of our trip that none of us are likely to forget!
Lady Lewellen (front row)

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