Tuesday, January 27, 2015

William's Western Shindig and more...

Wow! Words escape me!  We are just so very blessed and humbled by the kindness and generosity shown to us.  William's Shindig was an amazing event and we had so much fun!  He totally enjoyed being the center of attention, going from friend to friend, visiting!
Sarah B, William, Victoria, Grace

These ladies did an amazing job organizing the event!  When I think about what I was doing at their age...well, it wasn't pulling off this kind of event or thinking of the needs of others!  They are pretty incredible young women who make me hopeful for the future! :)

A special highlight to the day was a song that William's friend, Benjamin, wrote just for him.  It was a remarkable, breathtaking, beautiful piece that I am excited to share with the world.  However, if you weren't at the Shindig, you'll have to wait until it's copyrighted!  :)

A great time dancing, eating, fellowshipping...


To so many that we had not met before the shindig, we are so overwhelmed by your gracious generosity. We are so blessed by so many wonderful people who view children as a blessing and who desire to help meet any need. Thank you so much!

And the blessings continue...more friends have come to us, offering fundraisers and ideas...we are so humbled by the outpouring.
Julia, Benjamin, William, Savannah

These sweet friends have organized an online fundraiser.  The link is 

It has William's documentary on it, if you haven't seen that.  It will also carry William's Song by Benjamin when that is ready.

Our friends from Christ Church in Alabama have organized an online silent auction to be held February 5-12.  The link to that is

Words cannot possibly express our gratitude and love for all of you who have loved us, blessed us, fervently prayed for us, and walked beside us. You have truly been His hands and feet to our family. When we have been tempted to be downcast, we have had your cheerful, loving, giving faces to look into. We can never repay your kindnesses, but hold you dearly in our hearts. We feel humbled, honored, loved, undeserving, and overwhelmed, all at the same time! Thank you hardly seems adequate. But truly, THANK YOU!  Thank you for loving our family, our children.  Thank you for never making us feel odd or inadequate.  Thank you for your desire to walk this road beside us.  Thank you for lifting us in prayer when we were to weak to stand on our own.  Thank you for your constant outpouring of grace!  You are loved!

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