Monday, January 19, 2015

The X-ray

Well, today was the day. William's X-ray was this morning and there was both good AND bad news. We saw the Dr's PA today, since William's Dr is in Africa until the beginning of February. I'll start with the worst of it.
The X-ray is not clear. Ugh. I really thought it would be. But when his OS was 94, I began to wonder. I knew that wasn't a good sign. He has this tiny little spot hanging on.
Now on to the good news. The PA was comfortable waiting until she speaks with Dr Carey this week before making any decisions on his further treatment. Clinically he looks really good and he's moving air well, without any signs of stress. She recommended allowing him (and the rest of our family) to resume normal activity. We may still need to get a look at what's in there, but we won't have to do anything about that until at least February.
So, on to normal activity and back to the land of people. This is one happy boy!

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  1. In that, we rejoice with you all...continuing in prayer....and praising God! ❤

  2. Good news! But not great. Will continue praying for complete healing!


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