Thursday, February 9, 2017

Flying Kites

What do you do when the winter weather is 76° and incredibly windy?  Take the science lesson outside, of course, and go fly kites! Lift, thrust, weight, and drag is learned much better outside!

We had a great time this week, screaming and running and watching the kites go.
It was so sweet to just enjoy the children and watch them have fun and chase the them share and take turns...listen to their sweet voices encouraging one another, helping each other.
I thought of how much William would have loved this.  I imagined him, sitting in his wheelchair, holding onto the kite.  I imagined his siblings, pushing him along as they ran after the kites.  I imagined his laughter, his easy-going patience while he waited his turn.  I imagined his joy from feeling the kite he wouldn't have been able to see, tug and jerk in his hands...his laughter at hearing the other children laugh.

The day was wonderful and hard, all at the same time.  I enjoy my children so very much.  Even through the pain of missing the one.

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