Monday, February 6, 2017

Abby and Sherrod

Many of you already know about Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue and the wonderful work they are doing over there.  Every year they do a "Trainer's Challenge" competition where about 18 different horse trainers each pick a horse and take it home for 120 days to work with it, then come together for the competition to show what it can do.  At the end of the competition, the horse is up for adoption, pending approval by Blaze's.  It's a great way for a great horse to find a forever home.  The horse has 4 months worth of professional training ($2800+ value), plus farrier, worming, vaccinations, chiropractor, feed, etc. and the starting bid at auction is only $800!  It's such a great deal!

Last year, Abby won the Youth Division with Prancer, a young mare she absolutely fell in love with.  Prancer was a gem.  She helped Abby so much and they truly became a beautiful team.  Of course, Abby is competing again this year with a beautiful guy named Hooey.

She says that Prancer taught her confidence while Hooey is teaching her patience.  LOL!  He's a great horse, too...just a different personality. 😃

Sherrod is also entering this year with Sassafras, a sweet little mare.

The girls have formed team t-shirts.  They would have liked to have each had their own, but I told them I couldn't wear 2 shirts to the competition and I wasn't going to wear one over the other.  Neither did I have a desire to go change shirts while keeping up with all the children!  Ugh!  So they came up with this...

If you would like to help support the girls and their challenge horses, you can order a shirt for $25.  This will help care for both horses while they are here.  Please text Abby your order no later than April 15.  If you don't have her number, you can email me and I'll forward it.

We appreciate your support! 😘

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