Monday, January 2, 2017

Ringing In the New Year 2017

Wow! It doesn't feel like 2017 should be here already! 2016 held so many memories for our family: Abby won the trainer's challenge, Selah was baptized, we went on 2 family trips (Ohio & North Carolina), I went to DC, we all turned a year older, and we celebrated the 1-year anniversary of William flying home to heaven. This first year has been very difficult. We continue to miss him and are grateful for the memories we have and for the new ones we created together. do the Ockers ring in the new year? With lots of family fun!

Mommy and Daddy got everyone a gift that had something they needed, something they wanted, something to help them grow spiritually, and something fun.

I LOVE the shirts the boys got!

Mommy and Daddy also got group gifts for everyone!

The boys love the spy kit they got and have already wired the kitchen several times! :)

I can't exactly remember what was going on here. Let's just say that Sydnee and I bring laughter to the party! :)

Sarah, you are officially crazy :)
Maybe it had something to do with how excited I was about our group gift...
The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings DVDs!

Our family started a new tradition last year called Ornery Ockers Odditorium. Everyone secretly buys a gift and wraps it. Everyone draws a number with #1 going first. #1 picks a gift to open. #2 can then decide to steal #1's gift or open a new one, and on the game goes until all of the gifts are opened.  The younger children draw names.

We have traditional food/drink that we do every year and this year Abby also made some delicious caramel lava cakes!

Mommy got these fun glasses for the little kids

My sweet, adorable brothers in their new matching pajamas!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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