Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrating William

William has fought his last fight on this earth.  Sunday morning, the mucus overcame him and he breathed his last.  We are heartbroken and overwhelmed.  I have no words, but can only give facts.

The visitation and viewing will be at The Right Path, 16620 Old Shamrock Hwy, Drumright, on Wednesday from 6-8pm.

The funeral will also be at The Right Path on Thursday at 3:30pm.

We are so grateful for all the calls, emails, texts, prayers, food, and well wishes.  William was a beautiful, vibrant boy who touched so many lives.  In case you ever wonder what a difference a life can make... without William, there would be no Right Path, no Veterans program, no Trail Blazers, no Horse Tales Literacy, just for starters.  His legacy will affect hundreds for years to come.  May his bright, bubbly face and gentle spirit always be remembered.  Thank you, my Lord, for the gift of this blessed boy!

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  1. The Lord is good in that He allows us to mourn the loss of a dear little one. We mourn and celebrate life.
    Our prayers go out to you all!


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