Sunday, November 23, 2014


At about noon, William had a miraculous turn of events. He was able to come off the bi-pap for about an hour and was even able to complete about 10 minutes of PT. Dr is encouraged by his sudden strength and we are trying to manage it diligently. We have not started the new medication yet, as Dr is going to see how long this new event holds up. William's right lower lobe is still heavily congested with no change from yesterday so if that doesn't start changing we'll have to start the meds anyway. Thank you all for the prayers and continued support!
Oh, and the other thing, his respiration rate has come down some (that's a good means he's not having to work so hard) and his heart rate is lower, too. His BP is still at the high side of normal, which is probably medicine related. The big thing is, he's been awake and coherent since noon, though he's starting to tire.

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