Friday, November 21, 2014


I'm sorry for the missed calls/messages and for not updating sooner. It's been a busy day. William has been in a real struggle. We think we might be through the mucus plug, though. He's been on the bi-pap since 1:30 this morning and has done well. They have been slowly weaning him from the bi-pap today and plan to remove it for up to 30 minutes this evening when the doctor returns. He will definitely sleep with it tonight, but if the removal goes well we will work on permanent removal tomorrow. William is, of course, still extremely weak and is limp and lethargic. I do not know at what point they would expect to see his strength returning, but it's not started yet. The breathing treatments and CPT are still very taxing to him and it takes him a few hours to recover. Just as he recovers from one, it is time to start the next one. Thank you for the continued prayers and support. We've been we'll taken care of and well loved.

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