Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Better

William has been off of the bi-pap since 5:00 last night. He did great through the night, althought we almost put him back on several times. He has to maintain OS 90 or above to stay off. He's had a few brief dips, but has managed to pull back up pretty quickly. Lung is looking much better, but he still has a significant amount of atelectasis that must be completely cleared before release. Dr isn't keen on moving him out of ICU and said we will start discussing that when he's been off the breathing machine for a minimum if 72 hours. He's getting up to walk 4x a day for about 5 minutes each. We're trying to increase that time. Speech therapist will be in daily, as feeding is much better, but still having issues. Not with choking or gagging, just with eating in general.

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