Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never Dull

William reading, so sweet ----- The 3 Amigos

Okay, it's been rather busy around here lately, what with carting Sarah around to complete all of her interviews for the movie, maintaining William's therapy schedule, and preparing Michael, Sarah, Sydnee, and Sherrod for their trip to Georgia for the Father-Daughter Retreat hosted by Vision Forum Ministries. They left this morning, so it's just me, Abby, and the fabulous 5, 5-and-unders! I am thankful that Abby chose to stay home and help me, although I know Krissa's (William's AVT) wedding coming up this Saturday played a large part in her decision! Unfortunately I have a terrible head cold, along with ALL 5 of the younger children! This comes from playing in the park for one beautiful 78 degree day last week, followed by 4 inches of snowfall the next day (and sledding).
(Of course, Daddy always has to get in on the action!)

So, rather busy is turning into extremely busy. In a 6-day period I will driving (2 hours away) 4 times. Whew! Michael just called because, wouldn't you know it, they are having trouble with Sherrod's pump (she's insulin dependent and been on pump therapy for about 5 years). They were trying to give her a bolus, but it was telling them "no delivery." Although Sherrod is very good about managing her diabetes, testing, and changing out all of her own equipment, she doesn't know a lot about dealing with the problems yet. So, I nervously walked them through it on the phone, but we got it working. Yeah! It's always been hard for me to let her go far from me because of her diabetes. I can't believe she'll be 9 in 4 days!

I am very excited about tonight! The children and I will be going to a Cochlear focus group meeting. We'll get to discuss the new Nucleus 5 and what we think of it. I'm so glad William got to participate in that study! We don't have his processors in yet, but I am really looking forward to getting them in.

Michael and the girls get back on Monday, then Sarah has 3 more interviews to complete on Tuesday and one more here to wrap it all up. Then it's on to editing. Oh, and did I mention she's trying to write her first song to be the theme song? Nothing like a little ambition...

Here's a fun one:

Abby was building dominoes with the boys one day and Sarah, with blogging always in mind, was snapping pictures. I think William looks like a bobble-head doll in this picture! I love it!
"Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart." Psalm 97:11

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  1. I can't wait to see Sarah's finished product. You are definitely busy!!

    We've had crazy weather lately, too, but nothing like 78 degrees and then snow the next day! We've had weather in the high 50's and should get snow this weekend. But it is supposed to be 60 on Wednesday... woo hoo! I love those sun-shiny days.


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