Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movie Title

Thank you, everyone, for voting on William's movie title. Sarah asked that I shorten the days to vote, so we are also updating the poll. Please vote on your new favorite from the following:

* Cause Me to Hear
* Precious in His Sight
* Every Eye Shall See, Every Ear Shall Hear
* Walking with William
* Little Miracle

The results of the old polls are as follows:
William's Walk - 5%
William's Story - 9%
Cause Me to Hear - 51%
In His Image - 0%
No Mistakes - 8%
Every Eye Shall See, Every Ear Shall Hear - 25%
None of these - 2%

Walking with William - 50%
In William's Shoes - 17%
Little Miracle - 33%

The second poll is on adding a subtitle. For example, if Cause Me to Hear was chosen and a subtitle was added, it would read:

Cause Me to Hear: William's Story

Obviously if Walking with William is chosen, it would be weird to add the subtitle.

We really appreciate your help. Sarah is very excited about this project!


  1. Arizona ConnectionMarch 10, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    Just checking in on Williams blog. I am assuming William is feeling and doing well. Hopefully the weather is warming up and everyone can get outside once in a while. As usual, lots going on in your house and thank you for sharing with us.
    God Bless

  2. I love this project- what an exciting thing to work on! Will we get to see the final product? Your faith and love is so inspiring (and encouraging)!

    I certainly hope all of you get well soon- and that the stomach flu stays away from William and Calvin! Nolan has been "off" lately, but no sickness so far. I can't imagine the stomach flu X 6!

  3. Hey! This is Jennifer Hornsby, Ella Kate's mom. You commented on our blog asking about the processor she would be getting. We will probably use the Nucleus 5. I'm so glad to hear William likes it. It seems so amazing! We feel so blessed to live in a day and time that implants are a possibility. Thanks for reading our blog. Your family is precious. I've enjoyed reading about William. :)

  4. I think I am still going to vote for "Cause Me to Hear". I like that title because it makes you think- "what does that mean?", although Walking with William is a little more explanitory for a title. I won't vote just yet though-- I am going to think about it more and ask Uncle Ben what he thinks too.

    Love Ya all!

    Aunt Sunny


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