Friday, August 14, 2015

August News

Wow! It's been pretty busy around here!  We've celebrated 2 birthdays this month and a 3rd is coming up before the month is over!  Titus is 1!  Where does the time go?  He seems so big all of a sudden!  He's so adorable!  Knox is 4 now.  It's so hard for me to see him as a 4-year-old!  He's the same size as Adelina (2) and they seriously could pass for twins!  He's definitely the strong, silent type!  I'll try to post pictures soon, but I have to confiscate Sarah's camera! :) Actually, remembering to get into her computer account where they are all stored is more the issue!  I should just have her move them around, but I forget until I'm sitting here!
William is doing really well.  We've had a few minor illnesses here and there this summer, but he's held firm and hasn't gotten anything!  Today he went horseback riding to try out a new horse and while he was playing some of the therapeutic games and blowing bubbles, I was thinking back to when he couldn't even blow out his birthday candle!  I vividly remember on his 4th birthday, the first time he was strong enough to blow the candle exciting!  And now, here he is, blowing bubbles all over the place!
There's a new technology out called eSight.  There's a possibility it could be beneficial to William.  His condition is one of the conditions it might work for.  I'm trying not to get too excited, but OH, HOW I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE HIM THE GIFT OF SIGHT!  We're waiting for information about his demo.  I guess we'll be driving up to Canada, since he can't fly.  Maybe we'll see some great things along the way!

Here's how it works...

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